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Interior eDesigner & Organizer

I know change can be a scary time, but with the right designer who you can put your full trust in, it's a breeze. With my perfected process we will have an organized project that you have access seeing online every step of the way. We will meet via zoom + email so you always have open communication. Trust me, I got you!


your designer

process -

Vector Art

- ready to design? -


- my tried & true process -

Your life can finally be transformed with project to-do list crossed off. With my help, you'll have the confidence and guidance to redesign your home through our collaboration! 

You're in good hands with me, your expert designer, that will take you through the full process step by step to give you that room makeover you desire.


how it works

Vector Art

the break down step by step.

My clients receive a full-concept plan from floor plan and mood board to me being your personal shopper. Once you receive your product, you'll know exactly how and where to display it with my detailed instructions. Let me walk you through the easy process that has helped so many level up their spaces to Insta-worthy status.


working together

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how it works -

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- the process -

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Upload your photos, measurements, & answer questionnaire.


Once you purchase, fill out a fun design style questionnaire to gather info concerning your space. This includes budget, style, preferences, favorite stores, photos + measurements and inspiration photos.



Discuss your design dilemma + vision to get the on same page.


Design begins with creating your virtual room that reflects your personal style, wants and needs for your space. Revisions + feedback are included in all packages  to create timeless spaces you'll love.



Beautiful and easy to understand 2D or 3D renders w/ floor plans.


After final revisions are complete, a thorough design is sent for each room with floor plan, layout suggestions, descriptions, design explanations and direct shoppable links to items for the next fun step.



Curated products to pick and choose from to complete your space.


I handle the shopping through my sourcing service to make shopping low stress! It's easy as you shop through me giving you access to my special trade discounts with a small 10% fee for being so hassle free!

I know this feels like a leap of faith but great things never came from standing still! I promise with my help you will fall in love with your home again and my process is a breeze. 


happiness guarantee

I promise to solve your design dilemma with style. By taking my questionnaire with visual homework I can nail down your design dilemma and work with you to get you clarity for your project. I offer a zoom consultation to get on the same page before I start designing.

**With 2 revisions I can ensure I will work hard to make the space of your dreams. I am not a mind reader though so in-depth answers, great client feedback and communication is essential to the outcome of your design.**

the bliss  promise...


what is edesign?

Vector Art

Before we get started. let me explain what it is!

My clients receive a full-concept plan from floor plan and mood board to shopping list to order from me. Once they receive their product, they know exactly how and where to display it with my instructions. I'll walk you through the easy process that has helped so many level up their spaces to Insta-worthy status.


working together

Vector Art

e-design -

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See: convenient, easy, time saving, budget friendly, personal.

e-design is electronic design aka convenient and virtual! I have the ability to work 1:1 with you on your time, to design a timeless, beautifully curated space that will feel like home. I offer design services that can be entirely online, through phone, zoom, email and messaging. A personalized meeting with your designer without the hassle of scheduling in-person with travel time; it is all done from the comfort of your home.

[ ee-dih-zahyn ]


- why edesign -

E-Design is one of the most popular & convenient ways to style your home. It is affordable, enjoyable & effortless with my help.

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Maybe you're confused how to get started + need guidance w/ your hodge-podge room!


Maybe you're drowning in endless pins + magazine inspiration + don't know what to do.


Maybe you'd rather meet conveniently online on your schedule to get things done.


Maybe you're on a tight budget + can't afford a traditional interior designer.

My quick discovery calls are always the first step and put my clients at ease. Through zoom, email and text, we will have open lines of communication! I got you, guaranteed.


- Step by Step -

Here is the full breakdown of my eDesign Process.


The Client Questionnaire provide valuable information about your room, design style, and budget. You'll also sketch your room with measurements and provide photos. (No artistic skill needed.)


- step 1 -

eDesign questionnaire

In this step, based on your questionnaire, phone calls, emails, and inspiration board I create beautiful mood board design to reflect everything you've shared with me. This gives us a direction to go towards for your beautiful design.


- step 4 -

Transitional eDesign Render

I handle the shopping through my sourcing service to make shopping low stress! It's easy + simple as you shop through me giving you access to my special trade discounts with a small 10% fee for being so hassle free!

personal shopper

- step 7 -


We'll chat via Zoom to get to know each other and review questionnaire. We will look over everything together. We can also communicate on my online platform via email and chat as we progress.


- step 2 -

Amanda Muster working at a table.

After getting feedback on the mood board design I take it further into a visual concept design. Based on your package you may have 1 or 2 designs to look from and give more feedback as we get closer to your final design.


- step 5 -

Transitional Bedroom Style eDesign

After the final is delivered we can stay in touch with issues that come up or any post design styling advice. An optional 1 month follow up call to see how everything is working out or feel free to email me or chat on the platform.

post advice

- step 8 -

eDesign render template on computer.

Research and inspiration time! We collaborate using Pinterest to get the design process started as visuals can help capture what we can't articulate so pin pin pin! The more inspiration you share the better I can create your design.


- step 3 -


You receive your final design board with beautiful 2D render images or 3D images depending on your package and a floor plan complete with instructions for placement/installment for the items included.

Final Design

- step 6 -

Transitional bedroom style design

Let's celebrate your completed room! Send pictures of the After. I love keeping in touch. So please share your experience working with me. I appreciate any feedback + testimonials that I can share on my website.


- step 9 -

Flatlay of envelope, leaf, and pen.

your design

Interior eDesigner & Organizer

Vector Art

My clients are like family.  I want them to feel comfortable, happy and most of all safe in a home they truly love. A place to rest, relax and feel rejuvenated. I take pride in helping busy women create the styled home of their dream. When we work together we will have fun designing your rooms to create a cohesive, transitional space you will love and will feel like home.


our experience

work together -

Vector Art

- why i'm the best designer to help you -


I can say with full confidence - No one works harder than me when it comes to designing. I take pride in knowing I go above and beyond for my clients from the moment I receive a message, to applying the final finishing touches, to even post project questions.  When you love what you do your cup is full and my heart is giving to those in need of my help. I can't wait to work with you!

LivingRoom (4).jpg

I get it, I am JUST like them. A busy women, mom, business owner and wife. I want to take the guesswork out of their home and do it for them. 



- check out the curated shoppable looks -


like to know it


amazon curator

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walmart creator


Not sure how to mix vintage pieces within your modern home?


We always strive for 5 star experiences for our clients.

client love

- testimonial -

IMG_5064 copyLeslie2.jpg

I could not be happier with my bathroom re-do from Bliss Design and Interiors!  Amanda was so helpful and engaging right from the beginning. She took the time to understand what I was looking for and put together a great design!  The process was so simple and easy to do, and I was floored at how inexpensive it was. There was one thing I wanted changed out and she nailed it perfectly and within minutes of my request!  Ordering everything that she picked out for me was so super simple too, I was truly amazed, and most everything came within days.  I have never used a designer before, and her skills and knowledge are just amazing!!!  I cannot wait to have her do my next few projects! I will DEFINITELY be calling her again!! Even my husband has already commented twice on how great the bathroom looks and it’s not girly!

- Leslie M.

- bathroom refresh project -

testimonial -

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