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Vector Art

Interior eDesigner & Organizer

I'm a casual designer that takes the older classic pieces you own and mixes them with newer contemporary items to create a timeless, organized, collected look you have been dreaming of. It's time to work together for that Insta-worthy space of your dreams!


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Vector Art

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Vector Art

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I love connecting with other busy women. I was where you were. Tired, overwhelmed, fighting the endless clutter and toys war. I found a system that works for easy-peasy clean up and stylish sophistication on a budget. I want to share that with you. I can be your design BFF, sounding board and coach through this whole experience. Take my design survey to get started or hop on a call with me.

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Take a peek at our Frequently Asked Questions to help you!

  • What is Bliss Design and Interiors's style?
    We define our style is Classic Traditional with Modern Elements (or known as transitional). A blend of mixing old and new for a casual sophisticated look. Of course, we work with any design style and when you complete your questionnaire we will narrow in on your personal style aesthetic to create a space you love and represents who you are! Adding vintage, heirloom or thrift store finds can add a lot of personality, old world charm and unique look that can be completely your own to represent your family.
  • How do I know which package is the right for me?
    We offer three design packages that can typically meet all your home needs. If you have any questions about packages and are unsure where to start ask us! Please send a message and we will surely get back to you and answer all your design questions. Email us at *Deluxe Design Package: This package is our most extensive package with all the features! You will truly get to visualize your home with an 3D e-design, floor plan, and 3D floor plan rendering. This package will ensure you are satisfied with your space and all furniture and accessories fit just right! This is a great package if you are starting fresh, or want to completely redefine your space with a comprehensive design. *Standard Design Package: This is our most popular package and slightly more affordable. This 2D Vision Board contains all aspects of a 3D room design but is not specifically laid out to mimic your space. This is truly just a "vision" of what your space can look like with cohesive components and detailed explanations and functionality of the pieces. You will receive a floor plan to ensure all furniture fits well after you provide the measurements of your space. If you want to keep existing pieces or family treasure in your space, we will incorporate them into design with like items or pictures you provide. *Mini Design Package: This package is perfect for you if you need help styling a portion of your room (one area), or components of your space. This would work ideally for styling a bookshelf, pillow selections, finishing selections, wall art etc. This package is not intended for a comprehensive room design but will help to finish off a space and pull it all together to meet your style aesthetics. Provided in this package you will get a 2D vision board with items and products cohesively tie your existing style into one design. (If you have questions concerning if this package is the right one for you, please email us at and we would be happy to chat!) **Please note that all packages are sold for one room. Design Question Have a quick question you need some clarity on? I can help with those burning Q's by taking my quick survey and answering via email and a 1hr zoom call to pick my brain. Paint Consult Need help with just paint. I can help by answering my quick survey and chatting via email. After I review we will do meet for our 1hr zoom call to finalize.
  • How does Bliss Design and Interiors compare to other services?
    First, we are a small business tailored to meet your needs. We take into account your personal style, functional needs and wants for your space through our questionnaire and best of all there are NO hidden fees or product endorsements. What you see (price wise) is what you get :) We do not work with one specific store so your items are selected based on what is best for your project, style and budget. Often with “in person” designers, or large scale design centers there will be hefty mark-ups on products and fees for additional changes. At Bliss Design and Interiors, you have unlimited revisions until the date stated in your package, and you can personally shop your product right from the retailer at their price (or less with discounts!) One flat fee is all you pay!
  • How do we communicate during the design process?
    Client communication is completed through the design portal digitally (it is very user-friendly- I promise!) If necessary we can schedule a phone call or Google Meets to chat with your designer. Our goal is client satisfaction and we want you to have the opportunity to communicate with us to get your perfect space completed. However, we all needed a little R&R at times :) Typically, we answer questions and messages within 24 hours, during the standard business work week.
  • What is the design questionnaire and how is it completed?
    Right after you purchase your package you will be directed to complete the design questionnaire. You can come back and complete it whenever you are ready. On the questionnaire you will document your measurements (I will give you instructions!) and photos of your room. You will then answer a few questions about your space and your style that will help us create a cohesive space tailored specifically to your style and needs. The questionnaire will ask what you would like to reuse in the space, if you have items already in mind for your room, your favorite online retailers and stores, budget range, various design styles you are drawn to and you will also have the opportunity to link any inspirational pictures and Pinterest ideas.
  • How do I know I will love my design?
    At Bliss Design and Interiors we pride ourselves on client satisfaction. If the design is not exactly what you envisioned, not to worry, you have unlimited revisions until the date stated in your package. This includes furniture placement, products and color schemes. Every part will be revised until you are completely happy with the designs and ready to purchase the items! Unlike large scale design platforms, there are no mark-ups or hidden fees for revisions. Through the design portal you will have the opportunity to “approve” or “reject” (encourage you to comment on items you reject) items you want for your space. We will also live chat, and communicate throughout the entire process until you are extartic about your newly designed space and ultimately have a timeless room you will love.
  • How quickly will I receive my design?
    Turn around times can vary depending on client load, but you will share your timeline with us in the questionnaire and we will do the best we can to make it happen. Typically you will receive your first draft within 30 days and your revision timeline does not start until you see your design concept! We want to make sure we get it right.
  • How does Bliss Interiors and Design keep affordable prices?
    One of the exciting benefits of working with Bliss Design and Interiors is that we can keep our price points at an affordable cost to clients. You will never pay mark-ups on products and decor, or additional curating fees which is common with large scale design centers. You will have direct shoppable links right to the retailer and pay retail price (or less if you snag a discount!) for products shown in your design board. Not to mention, we have one to one communication with our designers which keeps your design process personalized and custom for a positive experience.
  • Can you work within any budget?
    We work with varying budget ranges and we will always keep your budget, that was documented in the questionnaire, in mind when designing your space. It is our goal to ensure you get the beautiful space you want while staying close to your budget. However, we do recommend a budget of $5,000-$10,000 if you are completely remodeling a room. For example, a sofa can range from $1,000- to $5,000 depending on your comfort and quality you desire. This budget allows us to select wall art, table top decor, lighting, electronics, etc. The Deluxe package is ideal to truly get a full scope of your space and allows us to bring your vision to life! If you are utilizing some existing large furniture pieces, the budget can range from $2,000-$5,000. With this budget, we can focus on products that will cohesively tie your room together including selecting wall art, frames, table top decor, finishing pieces and lighting. If you are looking to just design part of a room (that one corner just isn’t working quite right,) or styling shelves, an ideal budget would be $500-$2,000 depending on retailers you would like us to use and style that you envision. If you are unsure of your budget or what would make your space perfect, let us know! We can chat about price points! Don’t worry, we can find items at any retailer that will fit within your design.
  • What stores do you typically source from?
    That depends on your budget, desired quality, and design style you share during your questionnaire. If you have specific retailers that are your “go-tos” let us know! We would be happy to cultivate products from there to make the purchasing process seamless and efficient for you!
  • What if my item is out of stock once I receive my design or I am unhappy with the quality of the pieces?
    Not to worry! You are in control of your purchases allowing the process to go directly through you. Within 30 days of receiving your final design concept, and an item sells out, we will work with you to find a replacement item at your desired price point. We always encourage clients to purchase their products quickly to avoid sell-outs but we do our very best to ensure items are in stock at the final design presentation. Once in a while, online shopping doesn’t go our way. The picture doesn’t render exactly what we thought the item would look like in real life, or the dimensions are slightly off. All your items will be from well known online retailers that allow easy returns and facility exchanges simply. Please do not worry if an item does not fit your space. If the item is delivered (ordered within 30 days of the final presentation,) and you are not satisfied, please reachout to your designer and we will be happy to source a perfect replacement. :)
  • Can I keep existing items and furniture in my room?
    Of course! We are happy to work with existing furniture and meaningful items. We want this room to reflect your style and feel comfortable whenever you are in it. All we will ask for is a link to the existing items you want to keep, OR picture AND measurements of the items for placement in the rooms. In your 2D or 3D design concept we will do our best to match a mock-up product to yours in order to get the most authentic concept and design.
  • How can I select paint colors with e-design?
    We will recommend various paint colors from known retailers that will work within your design scheme if you would like to change the existing color of your space. We can work with what you have too :) Paint color can greatly vary depending on lighting (natural and artificial,) therefore we recommend purchasing paint samples, and testing swatches on various walls within the room and viewing them at different times throughout the day. If you do not like the colors in your room, we will be happy to go back to the drawing board within 30 days of your final presentation to help select a new color. If you chose to paint your walls or hire a painting professional, please note that this will be an added expense to your project, and not within the confines of the projected design budget.
  • Are there any rooms you do not design?
    Yes, and no :) We work with any rooms you would like designed! Just note that kitchens and bathrooms will not be an exact design. Changing a bathroom or kitchen can involve plumbing, electrical and major remodeling. However, we are happy to help pick out aesthetic pieces including faucets, counter top, tile, knobs, lighting etc. The “Mini” or Standard Design Package is ideal for these particular spaces. We will provide you with a 2D vision board with a rationale of the design selections.

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I want to help you think outside of the box when designing the spaces you love. Mixing items you didn't know would work but do. I truly want to give each person a unique and personal design experience and bring to life your vision that exudes warmth, style, function and timeless appeal.

Vector Art
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