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Kitchen Organization Tips for Busy Moms

Being a busy, full time working mom of two young boys, my home is not perfect by any means BUT I do implement small changes into my kitchen to help keep it efficient, organized

and best of all saves, me time finding the things I need quickly! Not to mention, I have a small kitchen. Organization is key to making it not only functional but beautiful! See my favorite kitchen organization tips and tricks that is sure to help make your kitchen flow.

How to make your kitchen work for you!

One thing I am constantly asked is, "how do you keep your small kitchen clean and organized?" Between all the pots & pans, water bottles (ohh the straws), plates and everything else in between it seems impossible to keep your kitchen clear of clutter and messes! That's why I have put together a my favorite tips and tricks to keeping that mess at bay and the clutter, where it belongs!

Drawer and Cabinet Organization

To help keep drawers tidy I love to use, drawer separators for different items, as well as silverware dividers. You never have to worry about rustling through spatulas, and spoons to find exactly what you need quickly. I also love to uses small containers, especially for my junk drawer! We all have one, right? These little containers help to separate, pens, matches, tape, scissors etc. Another new find I am obsessed with is plastic bag drawer organizers. These are a great solution to recycling the unneeded cardboard boxes and keeping your drawers fresh.

Countertop Organization

For counter tops, I love to use spice racks, pedestals, trays, and decorative utensil containers along with salt and pepper mills. These help to save space and keep the counters clean and free of clutter. Next to the sink, using decorative soap containers, keeps a consistent look with your aesthetic and adds both texture and functionality to your sink. Utensils can look unsightly on the counter but if you add them to an unexpected container such as a decorative vessel it adds a pop of interest to the space. Finally, I love to use beautiful salt & pepper mills of stone bowls and spoons next to the stove for easy access and "curb appeal."

For the Pantry

For pantries, I love to add organizational storage bins to keep the clutter down, and allow for quick access to food items. Choose clear containers (glass is more eco friendly) that come in multiple shapes and sizes to allow for various items to be stored. You can easily find labels for containers on Amazon or make your own with label stickers and a Sharpie. For children, use clear bins and turntables to access snacks and anything you needed hidden, use wicker baskets with a decorative

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