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Interior Design Trends for the Home

Need a little home inspiration? Here are some of my favorite design trends for 2023! DON"T forget, the most important trend is your trend! If you love it, that's all that matters!

Darker wood tones

They are BACK! Finally, because my house, like many of yours, I am sure are filled with dark wood tones. They could be in furniture, kitchens, bathroom and decor. These rich, warm tones add depth and character and accent traditional elements. When incorporating wood tones (any color) make sure to use them at least twice in the space. And- yes- you can absolutely mix wood tones.

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Image: Studio McGee


Curved arches, rounded furniture and circular elements are here to stay. These bring a playful moment by contrasting the linear lines and pointed corners by softening the edges of your space. Mixing shapes allows to bring visual interest while incorporating modern and traditional design.


Plaid Textiles

You heard that right! Plaid, gingham and all the tartans are back. Plaid allows to bring bold color to the space through textiles, wall coverings and fabrics. Want to make a big impact? Use darker tones in wallpaper, large furniture pieces or mixing patterns. Need just a little bit of bold, try adding plaid through a pillow or choosing a more neutral patterns. Our checkered friend can help to tie in that traditional element into a modern space.

Gold and Brass Accents

Thats right! Brass and gold are in for good. Brushed nickel no longer. Brass and gold metals bring a classic and worldly feel to a space. It mixes well with other metals and warm tons. It works in all design styles from mid-century modern to French couture. It always brings an element of sophistication to your home at all price points. Using decor pieces, lighting, furniture and frames is the perfect way to add that little bit of glam to your home.

Nostalgic Design

Finally! Get your Grandma's vintage Boston rocker out of the attic because antiques and vintage decor is back! For me it never left. I LOVE antiques and meaningful pieces in my home. Plus do we ALWAYS have to buy new? I personally love to find the perfect piece in an antique shop that has a story or display my Great-Grandmother's stately mirror in my hallway. You can mix new and old and it creates a space with character and herstory!❤️Here are some of my favorite vintage pieces from Etsy!

My Favorite Pieces⤵

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I truly appreciate you being here and supporting my passion for interior design and home decor. My goal is to provide you with pieces that I personally love and hope you will love too! If you are interested in my eDesign services; check out the information below! Don't forget to follow me on LTK so you don't miss a thing!

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