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how to design an open plan living space.

Not sure how to design and make your open concept home cohesive? Here are some easy tips and tricks to creating a welcoming open concept plan.

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Cohesive Color Palette

When designing an open concept space it is important to keep in mind that you will see each "space" from each area. In order to keep a line of light and use a cohesive color palette in all the spaces.

  • Choose one color palette to flow throughout your entire space. A good general rule is to select and stick to one palette of three to five colors – one white or light color, one to two neutrals, and one to two supporting colors

  • Paint the ceilings all one color and trim all one color for cohesion-ceiling in flat, and trim in semi-gloss

  • If painting rooms with cased openings a different color, they should come from the same color palette

  • Have a dominate neutral to keep the space open & light

How to keep flow in an open concept space?

  • Create "rooms" or zones within the space using an area rug. This will ground the zone.

  • Float large furniture in the room that acts as a "divider" for the different zones. Such as sofas with console tables behind to create a division

  • Use light fixtures above the center of the space to help to identify what that space is used for ie: "dining space"

Images: Studio McGee

My Favorite Sofas & Sectionals⤵

Mixing Rugs

Mixing rugs can be tricky especially in an open concept space! Here are some easy tips to help pull your space together and keeping the color scheme in mind

  • Mix natural fiber, neutral rugs with various other textured rugs for variation and depth in your design.

  • Use a bold statement rug for your main rug. The other rugs should complement your main rug in some way and not compete with it.

  • Pull a lighter color from your main rug and use it in a tone on tone patterned rug

  • Pick one rug with a large scale pattern and opt for a small scale pattern for the other rug.

My Favorite Rugs⤵

Mixing Finishes

One great way to keep a cohesive space is to mix textiles including metals, & wood tones. The largest rule is to repeat the same color or tone at least twice in the space. For example, if you want to mix wood tones- light and dark you must repeat those tones at least twice to allow your eye to follow the room.

Here are some great ideas for choosing lighting!

  • Like rugs, lighting can help to define a space and provide perceptive into it's usage

  • Add some variation in size, shape, and style of lighting

  • Mix metals finishes, but don’t mix more than three different finishes.

  • Mix the overall size to create a curated look: large in the living room, small or medium the kitchen, and small or medium in the dining room.

  • Make sure each fixture has the same underlying essence: don’t mix something ultra modern with something ultra traditional

  • Use light fixtures above the center of the space to help to identify what that space is used for ie: "dining space"


How to accessorize an open concept space!❤️

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