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How to create the perfect Vignettes-Simple and Stunning

my BEST tips for creating simple decor vignettes

Decor vignettes are one of my favorite ways to bring visual interest to a space. Vignettes are quick, easy, and affordable (win!) However, sometimes vignettes can look cluttered or overwhelming. I’ve broken down my top three tips to styling the perfect vignette in your home.

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1.How to Group Vignettes

Keep them in clusters of 3-5 pieces depending on the size of your home anchor (table, shelving etc.) Odd numbers are more appealing to the eye. Check out how I style simple vignettes.

Table decor- side table- lamp- faux flowers- picture frame
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2. Add in Personal Touches

Be creative! Use personal items such as vintage vases, frames and mix them with modern elements like knots, succulents, faux plants, and coffee table books. Some of my favorite vignette pieces:

3. Use them in multiple places

Vignettes look great everywhere. They are chic and stylish on coffee tables, shelving, side tables, and counters. You can create small vignettes in multiple places for larger pieces. Check out how to style these small vignettes.

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You can find sources to my designs and home decor favorites linked directly above on my LTK Page.

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