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Easy Bathroom Organization Ideas

Sharing some EASY and PRETTY ways to organize your home.

As a full time working mom of two, organization is KEY in my small, 1929 home. Living in a small home has it challenges but the charm is worth every extra storage basket😉 Now, I am not saying it is perfect by any means but I do have some easy tips up my sleeves that can help you to stay neat and tidy in the New Year. Today, I will focus on how I keep my bathrooms organized! See all my tips and tricks to how I keep bathrooms organized but also pretty.

Hidden Storage

One of my favorite ways to add extra storage into a space is to use pretty storage containers! No once wants to leave there counter a mess or random mix of containers- so to make it cohesive use decorative boxes, canisters, trays and dishes to keep your space clear of clutter and beautiful. See my favorite decorative bathroom storage below!

Matching Containers

I know.. this may seem like "why?" I am telling you it makes all the difference to not have mix matched containers all over your bathroom. Putting soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, bathroom spray, cleaners all in matching containers with labels is aesthetically pleasing AND and an affordable way to make a huge impact in your space (plus you save a LOT of money because you won't use as much product with these containers!) It is worth the effort. I actually use these in my kitchen as well!

Drawer Organizers

I highly recommend using clear containers and organizers in cabinets, drawers and vanities. Having clear containers allows you to see all the items you need quickly and efficiently. I have these drawer organizers and they are perfect for make up, tooth brushes, hair accessories etc. See all my favorites here!

Add in the accents

I know these are your standard organizational hacks BUT they sure do make your bathroom feel warm and a comfortable place to get ready! I love to add in real or faux plants for a pop of greenery! I like to use runners or non-traditional bathmats to add in an extra interest , and finally little decor items that can also be functional such as vases, tissue covers and interesting towel racks!

My Favorite Decor Items⤵

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